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Magento themes | Magento templates | Responsive Magento themes

Magento themes are used to change the look of your online store as well as to improve user experience. Good theme (or design/layout) is really

Using magento as a content management system

We all know,Magento can handle content like products, categories etc. Now what, if you want to place banner on your home page, or you want to

How Much Does an eCommerce Website Cost?

You might have thought how much does an eCommerce website cost. But it is not that expensive to create a basic online store. In basic store, you can

magento validate mobile number

Magento add mobile number validation in checkout page To Validate mobile number in checkout page, open your template file for checkout page (billing/shipping.phtml if checkout is

Useful Magento tools

There are many useful Magento extensions available, In addition to that there are some useful external tools available for Magento.These tools will help in enhancing  the

Magento create categories on import

I have created this code, during my training period. I remember I had spent around 2-3 days to run this code successfully! What does it do? If you

7 Useful magento extensions

After installing Magento and integrating theme with it, Extensions will be the next step to enhance the store functionality. While developing the Magento stores for

How to install Magento extensions?

After installing Magento and integrating the theme, You might want to improve functionality or user experience of your store. For that purpose you can use Magento

Magento theme installation

This post is part of series Getting started with Magento, In this post we will learn about  Magento theme installation. Brief about Magento themes Magento themes are used

How to create configurable products in Magento?

Do you want to enable this kind of options in your Magento store? You can do it via configurable products.

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