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How to create configurable products in Magento?

Do you want to enable this kind of options in your Magento store? You can do it via configurable products.

Use of configurable products:

Lets say you want to sell a shirt on your store. Now that shirt has four different colors and three different size. If you create simple products for each combination, than you have to create 12 simple products one by one. Also in frontend 12 products will be shown for same shirt!

You can avoid this by creating a configurable product. Configurable product will have one parent product (Type : configurable) and child products with variations(color,size) (Type : Simple).

So in our above example there will be total 13 products in backend (1 configurable + 12 simple), but in front end there will be only one product with select-able different options.

Steps to create configurable product in Magento

1) First of all you will need to create one attribute,Go to Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes.Create one with options as per following image. configurable products in Magento

Add values for this attribute (Here : for size X,L,M etc. Same as for color add red,black etc)

configurable products in Magento

And assign this attribute to attribute set, (Catalog > Attributes > Manage Attributes Set).

2)Now go to Catalog > Manage Products > Add Product. Select Configurable product and Continue. In next page you will see all the attributes,which are available to create configurable products.


configurable products in Magento

Select your attribute according to your requirement, and press continue.Next screen will be for basic details of product.

Now go to Associated Products (last option in left menu),  This option is for assigning child products to configurable products.

You have to create simple product with selected attribute value. You can create product by two easy ways.

1) In Associated Products, There is an option “create empty”, That will open a popup with simple product details. You have to press ‘Save and Continue Edit’ once you create a simple product, to assign this product to configurable product.

configurable products in Magento-5

2) Other easy option is just “save and continue edit” your configurable product, You will see this window in Associated products, Fill up required options and Quick Create a simple product.

configurable products in Magento-6

You have to assign these simple products to Configurable product, From same screen You will find one option called “Super product attributes configuration”. Now save configurable product.

Note: Simple products visibility option will be “Not visible Individually”.

That was all about configurable product. Now you should see product in frontend with options. Let me know if you have any questions.




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