How Much Does an eCommerce Website Cost?

You might have thought how much does an eCommerce website cost. But it is not that expensive to create a basic online store.

In basic store, you can add products from backend, customer can order and pay for your products online, In addition you can view order details from backend panel and process it. In short your basic store is complete eCommerce store.eCommerce website Cost

How Much Does eCommerce website Cost?

Now lets come to the point, i.e. Cost! Follow these given steps and create your own online store in just Rs.2500 or $50,cool isn’t it! You just need to spend some time on it in addition to this money.

I am sharing this post,as it is my personal experience; my one of the online store was ready in just Rs.1500 😉

Basic requirements to build an eCommerce website:

  • A Computer 😀
  • Internet Connection
  • A little computer knowledge

That’s it. If you have all of the above, let’s begin.

Steps to build an eCommerce website in minimum cost:

1. Buy a Domain name and web hosting.

Domain name:

It is your website name. For example your store name is reebok, Buy a domain like or

You can buy a domain name from or or Compare prices from all well known service providers and buy where price is minimum. You will get a domain in approx Rs.600 or $10.

Website Hosting / Web Space:

Web Space is where you will upload all your data/files for your store.

Same as domain name compare prices from different service providers and buy. You will get shared hosting plan for around Rs.1500 or $30. As you are just starting up your online store shared hosting will be enough.

In future if you have good traffic you can switch to VPS or dedicated server.

2. Download Magento.

Magento is an e-commerce platform, by which you can create an online store easily. Read more about Magento here.

You can download magento software for free from here.

Now upload compressed file of magento (which you have downloaded) to your hosting. And extract it to root folder.

3. Install Magento

Now if you go to your website, you should be able to see Magento screen.

Now follow those easy steps to install magento. Or check detailed steps here.

4. Install Magento theme

Magento is ready to use, but you might want to change a default theme. You can also use default theme. To install new theme check this article.

5. Add products – Categories

Now your store frontend is ready. Now you need to add some content like products/categories, store info etc from backend.

You have to add categories first from Catalog > Manage Categories. Then add products from Catalog > Manage Products.

6. Create new pages.

Make your home page attractive, add some banners, about your store etc from backend (CMS > pages > Home page).

Also you can add new pages for store information, policies of store, contact information from CMS > pages > Add new page.

7. Integrate shipping and payment method

This step is optional. If you want to configure shipping charges according to customer location or product weight or some fixed charge you can do it from System > Configuration > Shipping Methods.

Also if you want to integrate payment method Go to System > Configuration > Payment Methods

By default some payment methods like check/money order, paypal, Cash on delivery are available. You can add new method by adding extension for it.

8. Free Marketing

Now your store is ready! but how customers will know about it? Simple. Just create your store identity in social net working websites like facebook,google+,twitter etc.

Create a page/account for your store in each of these websites. And start posting about your products and website.


And you are done!  If you can follow these steps without any issue, you will have your online store ready.

If you have noticed, you just need to purchase domain name and web space. Everything else is free to use. By using Magento you do not need to invest on expensive software.

Of course if you need to customize some functionality or if you are having any technical error, you will have to hire a website developer. Also if in your country any legal process is required or if payment gateway fees are there you might need to add that expense to the budget.

Let me know if you are able to create your store or not! Good Luck!


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