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How to install Magento extensions?

After installing Magento and integrating the theme, You might want to improve functionality or user experience of your store. For that purpose you can use Magento extensions/modules,which are ready to use after easy installation steps.

Selecting perfect Magento extension

There are thousands of extensions available at Magento extension marketplace. You have to keep in mind following notes while choosing an extension.

  • Compatibility – Most important point, check your Magento version and see if an extension is compatible to your magneto version or not.You can check this at each extension page.
  • Functionality – Decide what exactly do you need.There will be a description and demo link given in extension page to check functionality of that module.
  • Review / Ratings – Most of all ratings will be genuine, also check for question-answer regarding that extension,that might answer your question too.
  • Free or Paid? – Main advantage of paid extension is support after installing a module and advanced functions than free extension.

How to install Magento extensions – through Magento Connect


⇒ Go to Magento extension marketplace, Find an extension.

⇒ You have to register in Magento portal first, After logging in you will find a key to install that extension in your Magento web-store. Copy that key.install magento extensions

⇒ Now open Magento connect manager in your store admin panel (System > Magento Connect > Magento Connect Manager),and paste that key to given space. install magento extensions

⇒ Click on ‘install’,and than ‘proceed’. That will start installing the extension.

⇒ Once extension is installed, you can go back to admin panel.

Optional Settings : 

i) Put store on maintenance while installing an extension, frontend will not be accessible to anyone while process is running.

ii) Take backup before installing an extension, Check this option if extension is not trust worthy.

Install Magento extensions – using package file

⇒ If you have package (zip file) of extension, you can upload is directly through Connect manager.

install magento extensions

⇒ Just browse a file, and click on upload button, that will install an extension.


You have to log out and log in again to admin panel in order to access new extension settings, else you will get a 404 error.

If you are using too many extensions,You should optimize the Magento store.

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