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Magento optimization steps

Your Magento web-store is running too slow? Follow these steps to optimize the Magento store.optimize magento store

Why it is too slow?

Something good comes with something bad! Magento has super flexible functionality with complex database relations. It has around 300+ database tables with inter-relationship.

So more entity data (products,customers) you have, more time it will take to load. For example In store A if you have 1000 configurable products,  and in store B you have 2000 simple products, Though Store A will take more time to load,as it has more complex data.

In addition,  If you have too many extensions enabled, They will add up loading time.

How to check Loading time?

Y SLOW : This tool can analyse your website from bottom to yslowtop. It will suggest for improving the page’s performance. Extension is available for all most all browsers. Just Install and browse your website, If it returns A grade, your web-store is all good. Else you need to work on optimization.

GT Matrix : Same as Y slow, It will examine your website, for possible optimise magento googleimprovement options.

Google Speed Checker : It will analyze your website, and suggest how to optimize your website.

How to optimize?

So now you know why your website is loading too slow and you have your website grades. Just note that, and try these following options and see the difference 😎 .

> Magento Default Cache Option : Of course you know about it. But It is the first step to reduce the load time. Go to  Admin Navigation > System > Cache Management. If your store is ready, enable all cache types.

> Merge Javascript and Css : By this option you can combine all javascript and css used in one file (Separate Js and css file). That will reduce HTTP requests, and resulting low loading time. Go to   System > Configuration > Developer > Javascript/css settings .Set yes to both options.

> .Htaccess is here to help : Magento is providing above two options are by default . Though it will not be sufficient. You will need to  optimize it by external settings. .Htaccess file will be a great option for that.

  1. Leverage browser caching : Website components like images,css, html etc will be  cached in user browser by this option, therefore when user visits your store again, components can be loaded faster. You can find htaccess code from here.
  2. Compress components with gzip : Compression reduces response times by reducing the size of the HTTP response.This can also save your bandwidth. Here is the htaccess code. You can also enable this option from cpanel. 

> Extensions available : If above methods are not enough for you, You can use extensions that will build full page cache, and will try to reduce the load time. These might generate an error, if some of your  other extension is in conflict with this.

> Compilation : Last and the least. This is Magento default option, this will combine the code into several files, to access them faster. I have mentioned this as least option, as many dev says that, It has not much significance in newer versions of magento (> 1.7), because of php default improved functions. So you can skip this.

So that was all about optimization of Magento store. Let me know about your views on this,also if I am missing something you are free to suggest.


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Ankur Dholakia

Ankur Dholakia

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