So What is Magento?

You are reading this so you know something about magento, right?


Still if you don’t know,  I would like to repeat the words of wikipidia,

Magento is an open-source content management system for e-commerce web sites.

Let me describe each word for you:

  • Open source :  Magento community version is 100% open source. That means code is accessible for everyone. You can easily modify the code as per requirement. (If you know coding! )
  • Content management system :  Here content means product data, customer data and other informative details about your business. Magento has sleek back-end control panel to manage these content.
  • E-commerce web sites :  Ever heard of flipkart,amazon ? I am sure you have heard those names. well these are E-commerce websites. Website that sells goods/products with online payment facilities, is called as E-commerce website.

For Merchants

So in easy words, you have added your content(products), you changed the code/design as per your requirement (open source), you set up payment options, and yey! your E-commerce website is ready.(Easy, at least in words!). Well this is what Magento does.

For Developers

Technically speaking, Magento is based on programming language “php”. It uses mysql as database management, and  it has wonderful database structure. It uses MVC(Model-View-Controller) & Zend framework. So if you want to use Magento, you should have some knowledge about php and mysql.

You can download Magento package from  here .

I am actually both, developer and merchant, so based on experience I have I can surely say that, if you want to start a selling your products online or you want to build an e-com website for your client, Magento will be one of the best option.

Clear about Magento? Lets learn how it works! In next posts I will describe about Magento themes,extensions,folder structure,functions of back-end panel etc. So stay tuned!

I hope you like this writing, actually this is my very first post! So let me know your comments on this.

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Ankur Dholakia

Ankur Dholakia

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